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Book your FREE 60 minute driving lesson with Essential Skills Driving School

Essential Skills Driving School is accredited to deliver the keys2drive program to eligible young drivers. keys2drive is the single largest national learner driver safety program ever undertaken in Australia and fosters the relationship between the learner driver and their parent/supervisor, through a free lesson funded by the Australian Government.

Why keys2drive

Learner drivers are the safest drivers on the road. However, when they gain their P plates and begin solo driving, their risk of fatality and/or having a serious accident, jumps dramatically (20-30 times). This greatly increased risk and associated figure, remains for the first six months of solo driving. The keys2drive program aims to continually reduce this figure to achieve zero harm during the first six months of P plate driving.

When should I have the lesson

The ideal timing for the free lesson is after you have done around 5-10 hours. Don't let this deter you from booking a free lesson if you have already done more hours, the lesson can be very valuable at any stage. The keys2drive free lesson can even be a very valuable lesson when you think you are ready to pass the test. At this stage the Driving Instructor may use the keys2drive P Plate ready indicator to help the learner and supervisor assess whether they are really P Plate ready.

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